EXPO Speaker Series Kicks off 2017

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Michael Haning has done a lot of things in his short business career. He has made an award winning pizza company, a cross-fit gym, and is now the owner of a thriving pump and compressor company that builds hydraulic pumps and motors, air compressors, and a multitude of other industry needed machines. Mr. Haning shared his high school and college journey with the students and pressed home the message for the students to do what they loved in life and to just go out there and do it. he shared there was no blue print for his success other than just going out and doing it. He stated “sometimes you might take a step forward and things don’t work out so you take a step back, move a little and take another step forward. Just keep moving”. A huge thank you to Michael Haning from Disco Inc.