EXPO to be expanded to cover Fall and Spring semester

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

The EXPO has grown out of its time constraints. With multiple facility and campus tours, coupled with an average of ten community guest speakers, the EXPO just had to grow. Midway principal Shawn Neeley said, ” The EXPO originally began as a single day student work shop with a handful of speakers. The thing just started to grow to the point where we had to move the workshop to Region 16. Trying to cram everything that involves the EXPO into the Spring semester was creating some time issues for all the staff and students. In addition, the Fall student population were not exposed to much of what the EXPO has to offer, so it only makes sense to expand it to both semesters.” The EXPO is now a year long student learning experience where students attend a speaker series of community members sharing their high school experience and their journey to where their career and life is currently. The EXPO also consists of a multi field trip tour where students can choose two living wage jobs to visit and two of the areas college campuses to visit. The EXPO concludes with a full day workshop consisting of breakout sessions which include college 101, the armed services, and a keynote speaker.