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Tyson Foods Isn’t Just Chicken

Posted Date: 09/16/2021

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The next time you take a bite out of that Wendy’s hamburger, know that the square patty of beef is probably the freshest in town. That’s because all of the hamburger patties produced for Wendy’s all over the world, are produced right here in Amarillo. That is just one of the fascinating facts students learned at the Tyson Foods tour. Our tour guide, Ogla, was a bundle of energy and gave us an in depth look at the world of Tyson Foods beef plant. The students were able to see the processing aspect of the plant and one of the more interesting areas, the tannery. Students found out, hides from cattle are sent all over the world for leather goods and one very interesting note, much of the leather in Ford’s King Ranch trucks comes from the Amarillo Tyson plant. Cool stuff. Midway Alternative High School would like to thank Tyson Foods Inc., Ogla, and Gregori Brown, Training Coordinator, for allowing us the opportunity to tour this incredible plant.