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Owens Corning Great Place to start

Posted Date: 09/16/2021


Most people who live on the south side of Amarillo know of Owens Corning and the Pink Panther but very few know what the enormous plant produces. The students of Midway Alternative High School were able to see firsthand the fiberglass spools that Owens Corning produces for companies all over the world. Nathan Singer, Human Resource Leader, gave the students a fantastic explanation of the production system at Owens Corning. His Team gave the students a great tour of the production side of the plant and then shared their own personal Owens Corning stories with the students. Students were very impressed and questions were abundant for Mr. Singer and his team. Midway would like to thank Owens Corning and Nathan Singer for the exceptional tour, information, and inspiration shown to the students. Amarillo is fortunate to have such an incredible company filled with incredible people.


Published on Sunday, August 27th, 2017