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Teen Mom to NICU RN Nurse

Posted Date: 09/16/2021

Northwest Texas Hospital has one of the top Neo-Intensive Care Units in the region. Midway Alternative High School students were fortunate to have one of the top NICU nurses in the unit share her story, duties, and skills. Kendra Neeley started her difficult journey as a teen mom. She attended an Alternative School to complete her high school degree and was a teenage bride. After raising three children to high school age, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a nurse. After 3 years of study, Mrs. Neeley fulfilled her dream and was pinned an RN in 2010. A number of students had multiple questions for Mr. Neeley and several showed interest in pursuing a nursing career. Midway Alternative High School would like to thank Mrs. Neeley for sharing her story, her time, and her experiences.


Published on Sunday, August 27th, 2017